150mm-table-lamp-3.jpg - 2023:01:09 10:52:55 150mm-table-lamp-pair-4000K-2700K.jpg - 2023:03:04 17:02:29 finished-printing-large.jpg - 2021:01:06 20:50:59 pendant-lamp-hallway.jpg - 2021:01:06 22:15:05 pendant-lamp.jpg - 2021:01:06 22:16:11 table-lamp-1.jpg - 2021:01:06 21:58:59 table-lamp-2.jpg - 2021:01:06 21:59:15 table-lamp-above.jpg - 2021:01:06 22:00:04 table-lamp-off.jpg - 2021:01:06 22:00:52 table-lamp-room.jpg - 2021:01:06 22:04:39

Moon lithophane lamp by moononournation on Thingiverse, combined with the adapter by Frank Deschner on Prusa Printers.

I intend to use this as a pendant lamp, so the orientation when hung corresponds to the moon seen from roughly 55°N (Londonderry, Newcastle upon Tyne, Copenhagen, Moscow, Omsk, Novosibirsk). The light bulb used in the table lamp is a 400lm 2700K candle-shape bulb, and the photograph of the bedroom represents the result fairly well: a cosy light to see by, but not enough to read.

There are two small flaws near the equator, possibly caused by a momentarily clogged extruder, or sub-par winding of the filament on the spool.

Prusa Mk3S: 0.2mm resolution, 0.4mm nozzle, Devil Design White PLA. Print time 61 hours.

150mm Moon lithophane table lamp by Matt Blissett on Printables.

Prusa Mk3S: 0.2mm resolution, 0.4mm nozzle, Devil Design White and Galaxy Blue PLA. Print time 28 hours.